Interesting Times

October 9, 2008 at 6:13 am 1 comment

So, I’ve had internet back for the most part for over a week, yet I have not blogged.  Why?  I think perhaps because I feel that the idea of “Having Enough (in a ‘have-it-all’ world)” is actually so darn relevant right now, I am totally overwhelmed at the thought of tying things together and trying to make some sense of it all.  (That, and the fact that I’ve been editing another great book that I can’t wait to share about in time!)

But, seriously, we are in economic crisis and political battle.  Times are tense, people are worried.  In my little life, we are stretching to pay our bills and plan for a new baby, dealing with the deteriorating health (and lack of long-term care insurance) of family members, and my moms group of two years is becoming embroiled in a heated political debate that threatens to disintegrate the small community we’ve formed.  It reminds me of a New York Times article that came out post-9/11, at the beginning of the Iraq War II, which talked about people making ground rules for cocktail parties that no discussion of the war was allowed, as coffee shop and water cooler discussions everywhere had grown so intense that people were desperate for a place of respite, to have a pleasant and lighthearted conversation.  I think we’re in these “interesting times” again, where economics and politics are so heavy on everyone’s minds that it is difficult to avoid spatting and stressing in every corner of our communities.

So, where does Having Enough fit into this discussion, at a time when many Americans feel that they do not?  Well, perhaps in reminding us that we’ve been by far the most privileged and gluttonous-of-resources nation on Earth for a long time.  Perhaps going back to what it is we really need — a roof over our heads (perhaps no longer the dream house, but a roof nonetheless), food on the table (no, not at a restaurant for a while, but enough to sustain us), people who love us…  Is my calling here to make a call to others to step back from the stress and get back to basics?  Is it to be a support for those who are having to amend their dreams?  Or a political viewpoint that pushes for a real change of our collective and individual lifestyle?

I’ve been asked to speak about Having Enough over Thanksgiving weekend at my UU fellowship, and I need to figure out what message I want to send on that day.  It will be after the election, a trimester further into my pregnancy; things could (will) look different than they do today.  Still, I am thinking hard about how I can use the Having Enough message to be of service, to promote positive change for people, to make what is to me the most important point of my life so far: that we must learn to redefine success in a deeper, more meaningful way than our broader culture has for the past two decades and beyond.

Any suggestions appreciated as to what from Having Enough resonates most with you, and what about this message has or could help you and others right now!  And may you all be well in these “interesting times”…

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  • 1. rowena  |  October 9, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    I think that in this age of turmoil, I have great hope, along with some fear about what the future holds.

    Sometimes we need things to get worse before they get better.

    Now people are being confronted with the results of our gluttonous ways. From Wall Street to those McMansion Dream houses to the waste of gas and natural resources to the shoes that are stupidly a thousand dollars that you just have to have.

    Where can we go from here?

    We can ONLY go to conservation, taking smaller bites, buying local, living smaller, recycling, spending less, readjusting where our focus goes from the external labels to the internal contentment.

    Once upon a time, the American Dream was not to be a millionaire with mansions, luxury cars, exotic vacations, designer purses, private preschools and live in help. Once upon a time people just wanted that house with a white picket fence, 2.3 kids, a dog and a car in the driveway (ONE car, can you believe it?)

    I think materialism is on its way out. I really do.


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