Baby Steps

February 4, 2010 at 4:42 am Leave a comment

I had this moment today of feeling so successful.  The cynic in me wanted to dismiss it as a sad statement of how mundane life can be as a stay-home mom.  The buddha in me knew to celebrate it in its very smallness.

The baby (now one!) woke up crying from his nap, inconsolable actually, which is rare for this little guy. I tried to put him back to sleep, offered him milk, to no avail, he was shreiking at me by now.  But then I took off his wet diaper and saw an awful rash, quickly wiped him off and applied an herbal salve. He stopped. Sighed. Smiled. Thanked me in babyspeak. Then waved his hilarious backwards wave (the Spaniard wave) to the dinosaur drawing his sister had tacked onto the wall for his “wake up present.” It was a wonderful feeling, watching his mood transform, watching him shake it off and move on, seeing how I was of use, critical to him, in this small service.

This isn’t something I could post on my LinkedIn page, to show all of my professional colleagues what I’m up to.  It wouldn’t fly in the alumni magazines. It actually wouldn’t even probably get me a pat on the back at playgroup, since other moms do this every minute of every day.  But, for me, inside of me, I had this moment of feeling very proud and I happy that I had figured out what was bothering this child who could not help himself in this moment, and I had helped him, given him some relief, allowed him to move on with his work.  I stopped and cherished the feeling, because lately it’s been easy to get caught up in other, less buddha-like feelings, and it can be so much easier to focus on what is wrong than what is right sometimes.

But, no, today, I savored the success of this one tiny moment. I reveled in my son’s relationship with the dinosaur on the wall.  I thanked my lucky stars and the divine for allowing me to be present with these children in these small moments of their childhood, and I thanked the woman who created that rockin’ herbal salve (Kerry’s Herbals! thanks for the rec, Melissa! it’s vegan, too!) for making my baby’s tush feel instantly better.

In honor of this moment today, I am going to post here another wonderful video that the fabulous life coach/writer Jena Strong recently posted on her blog.  A writer-mom of grown children reminds us of how it is these small moments that are so important looking back, and how quickly they become memories.  Hard to remember that sometimes. I’m thankful to be reminded today.

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